Alec Smith

May 6th, 2016

Alec Smith Athlete Spotlight

Athlete's ID:

Name: Alec Smith
Age: 23
First Date with Crossfit (date, location and workout): Cindy, 2010, Our Garage Gym.
CrossFit affiliate: Crossfit Krypton.
Proudest 2015 Crossfit Season Accomplishment(s): 11th in the Atlantic Regional.
Forecast/Goal for 2016 Season: Crossfit Games Athlete.
Biggest Inspiration in Crossfit: Ben Smith.
Athletic Background: Gymnastics, Track and Volleyball.
Diet: Not strict, I love ice cream, sour patch kids and watermelon. (Especially watermelon sour patch kids)
Favorite Cheat Meal: Cheesecake Factory.
5 Year Forecast: 5x Crossfit Games Athlete :)
Why Is RPM Your Speed Rope of Choice: It's by far the smoothest and fastest rope I've ever used. I rarely miss double unders with RPM!
Your Favorite Workout: Dianne.