Gym Set

Gym Set

With virtually indestructible handles and cables that are easy to replace, our ropes make a perfect solution for a gym, and our custom wall mount rack provides tangle-free, clean aesthetics.  Color coded cables and engraved sizes help ensure users put them away correctly.  Custom logo engraving also available for an additional cost.

Includes 12 ropes (black handles w/color coded cables) in a variety of sizes and a wall mount rack (two aluminum plates, 10 standoff spacers, five mounting screws).  

Sizing and quantity information is as follows:

Green cable – Extra Small (4'11"-5'1") - QTY 1

Pink cable – Small (5'2"-5'5") - QTY 2

Blue cable – Small/Medium (5'6"-5'9") - QTY 3

Gray cable – Medium/Large (5''10"-6'1") - QTY 3

Black cable - Large (6'2"-6'5") - QTY 2

Red cable – Extra Large (6'6"-6'8") - QTY 1

*Usually ships in 1-2 weeks from order date (2-3 weeks for custom engraving).

Custom Engraving

Email to submit your logo or for any other questions. We will need one of the following file types, Adobe Illustrator (.ai) or Adobe Photoshop (.psd). Adobe PDF (.pdf) files accepted on case-by-case basis. 

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