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10k Challenge Registration


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    We will send you an email to forward to your friend with the subject line "10k Challenge | Register a Friend" with an activation code that can be used anytime after December 1st, 2020 to complete registration. 

  • Description

    Check out our 10k Challenge site here!

    10,000 Double Unders. 30 Days.
    A brighter future for at-risk youth.

    Every January, we challenge our community, and the world at large, to attempt to complete 10,000 jump rope double unders (or single unders as a scale) in 30 days or less. All proceeds benefit the Iron Compass Initiative, our fund dedicated to providing fitness and mentorship at a low or no-cost structure to underserved and at-risk youth. After you register and login you'll get access to a dashboard to log your daily jumps, leaderboards to see your friends’ progress, a free 10k Challenge bracelet to help spread the love, and a bunch of cool perks from some of your favorite brands! ...not to mention some seriously improved jump skills.

    Register now and help us change the world through hard work and community.