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Session4 - Mix It Up

21 reviews


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  • Features
    Session4 Rope Essentials

    • Dual bearing system for a smoother, freer spin
    • Reinforced stem, making it our strongest rope to date.
    • 100% precision machined aluminum handles come with a 5-year warranty.
    • Patented dual axis rotation, allowing your handles to stay on the end of the rope while eliminating torque build up in the cable.
    • Built standard with our clear COATED CABLE (12ft length), but also compatible with all colors of both our bare and coated cables!
    • Knurled handles for effortless grip under any conditions.
    • Comes with a microfiber bag for easy storage and transport.
  • Ropes Disclaimer
    • If you're a bare cable junkie 'cause you just flat out need that crazy speed, be sure and stick to rubber gym flooring and other similar smooth surfaces to help your cable last longer.
    • If you think you might end up on some concrete / dirt / sand / lava / or really anything besides smooth gym flooring, just be sure you're packin' a coated cable for all that adventure to help your cable get through the workout. But get back to that gym floor ASAP because any rough surface will chew up even a coated cable before long.
    • The cables may sting (a little) when it meets bare skin, so probably best not to jump barefoot... or naked for that matter.
    • Don't use the cable as a weapon... no, but seriously.
Grey pattern

The iconic rope that started it all.

SESSION4 is the newest iteration of the iconic rope that started it all. Train with it, compete with it, travel with it... this is your do everything, go anywhere rope.



Every one of our high-performance ropes is meticulously assembled and quality checked at our headquarters in Northern California. Our patented design and highly specialized assembly process combine to produce the unparalleled balance of free spin and power transfer that our ropes are known for.



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Russ D.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Perfect Product!

  • QUALITY LowAverageHigh
  • DURABILITY LowAverageBomber
Jake S.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Best rope I’ve ever used!

I never thought just changing to this jump rope would help my DUs so much! I have way more control with this rope.

  • QUALITY LowAverageHigh
  • DURABILITY LowAverageBomber
Ryan S.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Wife loves it!

Made a custom engraving for my wife right in time for the open: she had a 6 year old rogue speed rope, and I finally got her this one and she loved it!!

  • QUALITY LowAverageHigh
  • DURABILITY LowAverageBomber
Erica A.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Needed an upgrade

I love the 4.0! I had a 3.0 season rope wth my maiden name engraved so I upgraded to get my new last name on the handle!

  • QUALITY LowAverageHigh
  • DURABILITY LowAverageBomber
Roslyn A.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Lighter, Faster, Better!

I have DUs and thought that was it. When I needed a new rope, two gym mates suggested RPM, adding, “it’s the best”. They are right! The cables and handles are perfectly weighted; my DUs have become effortless! The classy color options and engraving options is cake icing. Absolutely delighted with my RPM Session 4 rope

  • QUALITY LowAverageHigh
  • DURABILITY LowAverageBomber
RPM Training Co Session4 - Mix It Up Review


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