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10,000 Jump Challenge


November 10k Challenge


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Throughout November, RPM staff, brand ambassadors, friends and other jump rope enthusiasts will be attempting to complete 10,000 jump rope repetitions. You can use single bounce jumps, double-unders, or any other jump rope move you feel like mixing in, and anyone with a jump rope is invited and encouraged to join the revolution.

Any amount of movement is a good thing! So even if you're unsure whether or not you can get to that 10,000th jump, we want you to join the challenge! Partition the reps each day however you'd like, and don't forget to log your progress here. Just for registering, you'll get a free shipping code, and with every 5 days of jumping logged you will unlock more codes for discounts and freebies from the RPM store. You have to log every day to unlock all the codes, so consistency is key for both hitting that 10k total, and for scoring the most perks. November 1st is day one of the challenge... Good luck!