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Intelligent programming
is just the beginning

Atom Affiliate gives you the tools you need to maximize the coaching, culture, and
overall member experience at your gym for one simple price of $199/mo.


It is hard to overstate the impact this has had on our gym. It’s more than just the quality of the workouts, which are amazing, or the INCREDIBLE coaching notes that are basically like continuing ed for our coaches. It’s that Pat and Taz just genuinely f’ing care about “their” gyms and the connected communities… They are partners not just in our programming, but in a philosophy of joyful strength. I wish we had started working with them years ago. Alyssa Royse
(Rocket Community Fitness)
This has been one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. Pat and Taz are fantastic to work with. They provide top notch GPP programming, session plans, along with constant support. I don’t feel that we are outsourcing. I feel like they are part or our staff. Pat and Taz truly care about the people they are serving. Knowing that our programming is in good hands, we can spend our time doing what we love doing, coaching and changing peoples lives. Zachary McGathey
(CrossFit Chicago Heights)
We have used Warm Up and Work Out for a few years and have loved working with them. Pat and Taz are phenomenal humans who provide well thought out GPP programming and lesson plans. Having the lesson plans available to our coaches helps to ensure our sessions run on time and are consistent throughout the day. The amount of detail that goes into these lesson plans provides an easily accessible learning space for ourselves and our coaches. Lindsay Vaughan
(CrossFit Ballina)



Too many to list, but here are some highlights...
  • Five programming tracks (Gym, Comp, Oly, Teens, and Kids) designed by Pat and Taz Barber and our team of experienced coaches
  • Full session plans to help build consistency in your coaching and classes
  • Extensive video resources to keep your staff learning and growing
  • Heavy discounts on the premium RPM equipment line-up
  • A real-time smart leaderboard where members can log workouts and connect with their gym buddies
  • Full access to the entire Atom platform for all your members so you can stay connected to them wherever they train
  • The Atom level system with built-in scaling options

Clean, easy-to-read session plans with built-in scaling options

Modeled after the Atom daily training pages and easy to access from both mobile and desktop… your coaches will love this!

There's no substitute for experience.

At the heart of Atom Affiliate is a genuine desire to help affiliates thrive, and no one embodies this more than our head coach and head programmer, Patrick and Tamaryn Barber. After impressive careers as CrossFit Games competitors and gym operators, Pat and Taz spent 7 years building the original affiliate programming business, Warmup and Workout, allowing them to develop, first hand, the most effective ways to program for gyms of all types and sizes.


Hint: It starts with coaching