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Welcome to the core of all things RPM.

We believe the boldest, fullest lives are built on the foundation of capacity, and we know that capacity, both mental and physical, is developed and sustained through real, purposeful, functional training. Basically, you just have to put in the work whether you're in the gym, in the water, or on the mountain. This page is a little window into what's going down at RPM HQ every day.

Our programming, which is backed by our co-founder's 15+ years coaching experience, is designed to promote longevity and improve performance in nearly any physical task. Our daily goals are to have fun, stay healthy, and get really… really… tired. None of it is easy (and it shouldn't be), but all of it is scalable.

Follow along at your own skill/ability level. If you're new to functional training and unfamiliar with the movements or terminology, please go find yourself a qualified coach to help you get there… or if you're in the neighborhood, just come train with us!

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Learn More About Our Programming

  • Homeslice

    Move your body (pull-ups/pushups/squats/etc), move some external loads (med balls, dumbbells, kettlebells, etc), and hammer that cardio (rowing, biking, running, jump rope), but skip the more technical weightlifting and gymnastics skills. If you have access to a well stocked gym and some experience in functional training, this could be your thing. Workouts will be posted daily (except Sundays).

  • Arsenal

    This is everything the functional movement revival represents. A combination of the most potent movements and methods from the long proven disciplines of olympic weightlifting, power lifting, gymnastics, endurance racing, and traditional calisthenics. Basically, anything is fair game here. If you have access to a fully stocked gym and a solid foundation in weightlifting (or access to coaches who can teach you), you can jump right in and start following anytime. Workouts will be posted daily (except Sundays).

  • Ropeburn

    Hitting the gym is (thankfully) not always an option, but missing too many training days isn't cool either. Whether you're on the road, on the mountain, or in your backyard, this programming can be done anytime anywhere. They're simple, straight forward, and the only equipment you might need is a jump rope. If you don't have a rope yet, we got you covered! Workouts will be posted 3x/week.