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Gym Set Scout

Gym Set Scout

With virtually indestructible handles and cables that are easy to replace, our ropes make a perfect solution for a gym, and our custom wall mount rack provides tangle-free, clean aesthetics.  Color coded cables and engraved sizes help ensure users put them away correctly.

Includes 12 Scout ropes (black handles w/color coded cables) in a variety of sizes and a wall mount rack (two aluminum plates, 10 standoff spacers, five mounting screws).  

Sizing and quantity information is as follows:

Stone White cable – 220cm (4'11"-5'1") - QTY 1

Pale Mint cable – 240cm (5'2"-5'5") - QTY 2

Papaya cable – 260cm (5'6"-5'9") - QTY 3

Dark Teal cable – 280cm (5''10"-6'1") - QTY 3

Vintage Maroon cable - 300cm (6'2"-6'5") - QTY 2

True Black cable – 320cm (6'6"-6'8") - QTY 1

*Usually ships in 1-2 weeks from order date.