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The RPM Jump Rope Workshop is lead by our multiple time National and World champions who are true subject matter experts in the sport of jump rope. They have been competing and coaching their entire lives, and are effectively able to break down technique and explain the nuances and details of what it takes to become an efficient jumper. Due to its prominence in CrossFit, our 2-hour workshop is designed to walk your athletes through all aspects of the Double Under, from basic to advanced levels. We also have designated time for learning Triple Unders and some basic and intermediate level freestyle skills that we believe are an integral part in becoming familiar with the fundamentals of jump rope. Of course, we’ll finish the entire workshop with a little Double Dutch fun for everyone and a trick demo from our pros! Below are some details and options on the costs and logistics of hosting a RPM Jump Rope Workshop at your box. If you’re interested in scheduling a workshop, please contact our head coach Shane Winsor.

Option 1 (Keep it in-house)

With this option, the host gym can keep the workshop limited to only their members if they like, or have the option to extend an invite to their local community. For a flat rate of $745 we will provide up to 2 coaches to instruct up to 30 athletes. For an additional $100 up to 10 more athletes can attend, and coaches will be added as needed. This option allows the host gym to charge the participants whatever they like, thus making the workshop a revenue generator if desired.

Option 2 (Let us do the work!)

With this option the host gym is essentially just that! All participants will register through our site at $50 a person, putting no cost on the gym. This option also has no minimum or maximum participation requirements.* We do all the work in getting people signed up and even promoting the event and the host gym!

*With either option the host gym decides to pick, there will be no travel costs associated with hosting a workshop. For events that are more than 50 miles outside of our headquarters in Los Gatos, California, we would like to request a minimum of 20 participants in order for us to be able to cover our travel accommodations.

As part of the RPM Jump Rope Workshop we will offer pre-ordering options for all registered athletes, with a free engraving offer so they can have their custom rope to use during the workshop. Extra ropes and our “mini store” will be on hand, stocked with apparel items and other official RPM swag. A full list of the products we carry can be viewed in our store.

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