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Joshua Noom


Adelaide, Australia

Currently living in?
Fort Myers, Florida

Where would you live if you could live anywhere in the world?
After a trip to Scotland with my wife and daughter, I would have to say somewhere in the Scottish countryside.

Do you have a nickname?
A lot of people just call me by my last name, NOOM.

You can only have one type of food the rest of your life... what is it?
Taco's, I think the answer has to be Taco's. Or Pizza.

Bucket list travel destination or itinerary?
Taking my family back to Australia to show them where I grew up would be awesome.

Scary movies, yes or no?
eh.. not really.

Top burger recommendation?
Love any and all kinds of burgers. They’re all my favorite. From McDonalds to Gourmet Burgers, no discrimination.

Go-to music type or band?
I enjoy a bit of everything, But for the most part Im into anything in the Indie Rock world.

What got you into art?
As a kid I remember watching my Dad make/sculpt things out in our back shed. He went to art school and was always tinkering making stuff. I’d say it kinda runs in the family.

If you could spend an hour with anyone in history who would it be?
Fort Myers claim to fame is that Thomas Edison’s winter estate is here and spent a lot of time in Southwest Florida. I think it could be to drive around with him for an hour and to hear his perspective on this small town.

Favorite sport or way to stay active?
I enjoy the Bootcamp classes at my local gym. Always a good way to start the day.

One thing no one knows about you?
For the longest time I didn’t want to eat Carrot Cake because I thought it would taste too much like carrots.

Joshua Noom
Joshua Noom
Joshua Noom
Joshua Noom
Joshua Noom
Joshua Noom