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Founded in 2012, RPM was born out of the idea that legit, purposeful functional training is the foundation for a truly full and adventurous life. When you put in that work, it pushes you to do more, explore further, surf longer, ride harder... It's a barrier against injury, apathy, and even time itself.

This connection is why our brand will always reflect the action, adventure, and creativity emboldened by the time we spend training, and not just the training itself. This purpose-first approach has been sorely missing from the traditional "fitness" brand landscape, but it permeates everything we do at RPM, and everything we make.

Blurring the Lines

Like you, none of us are defined by any single endeavor or passion. We are a team of adventurers, explorers, CrossFitters, surfers, riders, climbers, creators, fighters, and just downright curious humans.

With functional training as the underlying engine that drives everything we do, our mission is to blur the lines between these subcultures and be the common thread that unites them around one universal truth... No labels needed. Only capacity.

So why a jump rope?

Hint: It's not because we "especially" love jump rope.

When we launched our first speed rope in 2012, we revolutionized a timeless, but tired, category after it was thrust back into relevance by the meteoric rise of functional training and the highly potent, and widely dreaded, double under. Add to that its compact size and inherent need to be fitted directly to the individual user, and you have the most personal and portable tool in your training equipment arsenal, and probably the ONE that everyone should actually own.

This unique position held by the speed rope, along with its role as a canvas for showcasing our brand's roots in art and design, are the primary reasons we are so driven to make the best one. Over time, our ropes have become more than a tool to slay double unders. They're a symbol for the entire scope of work our community puts in every... damn... day.


RPM was built from the outset by a makers spirit and a propensity for doing things ourselves that borders on insane. This is not what you'd call the easy road. But we take it anyway for three main reasons... we’re suckers for learning new things, it gives us an incredible amount of control over the quality and originality of the products we create, and, as it is with life, meaning and greatness are always found on the other side of struggle.