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Helping Kids Build Brighter Futures

The Iron Compass is the charitable initiative of RPM Training Co., with a mission to provide at-risk youth with fitness and mentorship opportunities through the functional training and outdoor/action sports communities.

Through worldwide events like the 10k Challenge, the Iron Compass harnesses the power of our active global community to change lives. We partner with like-minded organizations to give kids the chance to realize their own potential, develop resilience and confidence, and find a sense of belonging in a positive and healthy community.


Forging Youth Resilience

Forging Youth Resilience or FYR (formerly Steve’s Club National Program) is a 501c3 non-profit organization that empowers young people to build physical and mental strength for life by providing access to a network of community-based fitness programs and mentorship.

The Iron Compass currently supports the “Start a Club” Grant Program with FYR, along with providing funding for FYR’s general operations and the 2021 Leadership Camp. In 2021, the Iron Compass and FYR launched the RPM Youth Scholarship, now in its second year, which supports FYR alumni on the next stage of their journey.

Meet Our Youth Scholarship Recipients

We're proud to support FYR athletes Tatyana, Ray, Paa, Juwan, Carl, Sapjah, and Aspen in their academic endeavors!

2021 and 2022
RPM Youth Scholar Tatyana

William Jewell College
Political Science/Pre-Law

“Something that I learned from being a part of the fitness community that I will take into my next year as a student is to continue to be resilient. I’m glad to have found a community in FYR and the lessons learned have made me mentally and physically stronger. I know that I can handle anything life throws at me because of FYR and the fitness community surrounding it.

I would like to thank RPM for their continued support and am extremely grateful for receiving this scholarship. It is comforting to know I have so many different people in my corner cheering me on and want to see me succeed.”

2021 and 2022
RPM Youth Scholar Paa

Belmont University
Biology/Sports Medicine

“This scholarship means the world to us. It is truly a blessing. It brings my parents joy and allows them to feel relieved that I won’t have to work long hours to pay for school. When we first came to America, my parents and sisters were restless and stressed because they had to work long hours to afford college. This scholarship brings me more appreciation and motivation to excel and do great things.

To RPM, thank you! Thank you for the opportunity to continue my academic journey. You have inspired me and a community of people that surround me to keep believing and doing great things.”

RPM Youth Scholar Carl

University of Washington

“This scholarship takes a lot of stress off my back. It lets me focus on education and fitness instead of working additional jobs. It also takes weight off my family's shoulders, as they have had to support three other people going to college around the same time.

I learned that if I set goals and have the grit to follow through, I can accomplish anything. Along with that, I learned that there is always a community looking out for me and rooting for me. I would like to thank RPM and Iron Compass for supporting athletes in the transitions to college and allowing them to focus on their education and fitness.”

RPM Youth Scholar Sapjah

Rowan University

“Partners like RPM are the reason students like me can work even harder to reach their goals. Thank you for helping me feel seen. Thank you for kick starting my dream, and making the weight on my shoulders feel lighter. Thank you for allowing me to do what I love–inspire others and help them flow in life.

I am allowed to have accomplishments. I can be successful. No matter what I am going through, no matter the circumstances that seem limiting–I know that I can go above and beyond. The fitness community has taught me that I am capable of so much more. And that I can make connections everywhere I go!”

RPM Youth Scholar Aspen

Dillard University

“Two lessons I learned from the fitness community that I'll take with me are to not compare myself to others and do my best to put my all into something even if I don't feel my best that day.

Receiving this scholarship means that you all believe in my potential and are willing to support me as I work toward my dreams. Thank you, RPM, for believing and investing in me. Due to your generosity, I am able to focus more on school and not on how I'll pay for it.”

RPM Youth Scholar Ray

Colorado State University
Agricultural Biology

College plans: Agricultural Biology at Colorado State University (Fort Collins, CO)

“This scholarship made my dream a reality, and I am immensely grateful to all of the people who made this possible. I truly would not be the same person without the support of [FYR] and its partners.

The 10k challenge was quite literally the hardest thing I’ve ever done. It taught me that I’m stronger than I thought I was and taught me the mental strength I need to achieve my goals both inside and outside of the gym. Knowing that there was a community of people striving towards a common goal made me push harder and kept me on track. I’m looking forward to participating next year! Thank you RPM for all of the support!”

RPM Youth Scholar Juwan

University of Tennessee

“Receiving a scholarship from [FYR] and RPM means a lot to me because it encourages me to know I have the support of this amazing organization, that I’m proud to be a part of, that strives to support kids like me into having a successful life.

Participating in [FYR] and the RPM 10K challenge will forever be memorable because it’s an out-of-body experience. Never did I think I would be doing 10K just ropes of having a group to collaborate and talk to during a pandemic. I now know that [FYR] and RPM will forever be memorable to me because of the community that I have gained and will always be connected to.”

Capitola Junior Guards

Right in RPM’s backyard, the Capitola Junior Lifeguard program provides instruction in the basic fundamentals of ocean water safety, first aid, lifesaving, fitness and good sportsmanship. Activities include open water swimming, paddle boarding, body surfing, mock rescues, beach & water games, calisthenics, and work-outs.

The Iron Compass works with the Capitola Foundation to provide program scholarships to kids who would otherwise be unable to participate in the Junior Guards program.

The 2023 10k Challenge will support the second year of this scholarship program.


STOKED creates a community of fearless leaders through mentoring, opportunity, and action. Through mentorship and action sports culture, STOKED empowers underserved youth to reach their fullest potential, instilling passion, resilience and determination.

STOKED collaborates with schools, community organizations, and a network of dedicated mentors to bridge the opportunity gap for low-income youth, and prepare them for a vibrant, fulfilled life after high school.

The 2022 10k Challenge helped launch the STOKED Career Pipeline, a mentorship program for youth preparing for careers in the action sports industry.

The 10k Challenge.
10,000 Double Unders. 30 Days.

The 10k Challenge is the primary fundraising vehicle for the Iron Compass. What started as a fun community challenge in 2014 has become a powerful global event inspiring thousands of participants to log millions of jumps each year in support of fitness opportunities for kids.

Join the Movement

“During the challenge, my form improved, I set a personal record for unbroken double unders and my athletic performance improved in other areas.”

-Christine S.

“Finished and it was so much fun (says the one who, on January 4th, couldn’t do 20 single unders unbroken)!”

-Annette T.

“Epic challenge and love the cause it’s supporting!”

-Derek L.

“My first year of dubs and doing 10k made me consistent. Thanks it was fun!🙌”

-Kimberly N.

“I have always struggled with dubs but have made big strides!!! With sore calves and sore lower back I FINISHED!!!”

-Michael L.

“A good challenge! DU improved for sure!”

- Sarabeth G.

“This was my first time participating in this challenge and I will for sure be doing it again next year! I definitely noticed an improvement in my double unders and hopefully next year I will be doing only double unders for the challenge.”

-Katelyn S.

“This challenge really pushed me to not only finish the challenge but learn about recover and the value of stretching!!”

- Justin S.

“I loooved how seeing other jumpers progress motivated me to keep on jumping!”

-Tatjana S.

“What an awesome challenge and for a great cause.”

-Timothy M.

“I finished. It was AWESOME! Hard work paid off”

-Wendy W.

“Was a perfect way to start 2021 and to stay motivated and get outside. Congratulations to everyone! 🙌🏻🥳✨

” - Alisha

“This was such a fun challenge and I'm so glad I did it.”

-Emilee E

“From getting my first set of 15 unbroken a year ago, the 10k challenge was such an accomplishment for me!”

-Melissa A.

“First time doing this challenge and really loved doing it ! 🔥🔥🔥 can't wait for next year's 20k challenge 🤙”

- Jelfy P.

“Finished!! And loved every second. Can’t wait for next year!”

-DA Sriracha

“Completed the #10kjumpchallenge for the first time. It was great!!! 💗

” -Layaru

“Last year, the goal was to survive. 😜 This year, I wanted to set a pace and finish just as strong as I started. Bonus points for improving technique along the way. Happy to report that 27,460 jumps later, I was able to set a new best for unbroken dubs, and the calves are feeling great! 😁 Proud of my contribution to our team, and even prouder of the small role I got to play to support @stevesclub and a bigger cause.11 more months till we do it again! ✌🏼”

- Stephen L

“I did it! 10,000 double unders in 30 days! What an exhausting but fun challenge. I’m so grateful my feet and calves held up and I do not for a second take my health for granted. 🙏 Thanks to all of my friends that jumped with me all month and helped to hold me accountable. I started this literally having done 21 double unders in a row only one time. Here at the end I have been able to pick up the rope and do a solid 20 to 30 doubles several times during workouts and with some serious calf muscle pump. It will be fun to see how much better I do at the challenge next year.”

-Nicole C.

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100% of proceeds from Iron Compass merchandise go to our charitable initiatives.

100% of proceeds from Iron Compass merchandise go to our charitable initiatives.