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Helping Kids Build Brighter Futures

The Iron Compass is the charitable initiative of RPM Training Co., with a mission of bringing fitness, mentorship, and education opportunities to at-risk and underserved youth.

Through worldwide events like the 10k Challenge, the Iron Compass harnesses the power of our active global community to change lives. We partner with like-minded organizations to give kids the chance to realize their own potential, develop resilience and confidence, and find a sense of belonging in a positive and healthy community.

The Iron Compass Scholarship Fund supports youth currently engaged in fitness and mentorship programs in their future academic endeavors


Steve’s Club National Program

Our 2020 and 2021 charitable partner is Steve’s Club National Program.

Steve’s Club National Program is a 501c3 non-profit organization with chapters based in fitness facilities nationwide. These “Local Clubs” provide at-risk and underserved youth with fitness coaching, mentorship, and a place to learn life lessons in a supportive environment.

The Iron Compass currently supports the “Start a Club” Grant Program with Steve’s Club.

10,000 Double Unders.
30 Days.

The 10k Challenge. 10,000 Double Unders. 30 Days.

The 10k Challenge is the primary fundraising vehicle for the Iron Compass. What started as a fun community challenge in 2014 has become a powerful global event inspiring thousands of participants to log millions of jumps each year in support of fitness opportunities for kids.

The 2021 10k Challenge
By the Numbers

Join the Movement

“During the challenge, my form improved, I set a personal record for unbroken double unders and my athletic performance improved in other areas.”

—Christine S.

“Finished and it was so much fun (says the one who, on January 4th, couldn’t do 20 single unders unbroken)!”

—Annette T.

“Epic challenge and love the cause it’s supporting!”

—Derek L.

“My first year of dubs and doing 10k made me consistent. Thanks it was fun!🙌”

—Kimberly N.

“I have always struggled with dubs but have made big strides!!! With sore calves and sore lower back I FINISHED!!!”

—Michael L.

“A good challenge! DU improved for sure!”

— Sarabeth G.

“This was my first time participating in this challenge and I will for sure be doing it again next year! I definitely noticed an improvement in my double unders and hopefully next year I will be doing only double unders for the challenge.”

—Katelyn S.

“This challenge really pushed me to not only finish the challenge but learn about recover and the value of stretching!!”

—Justin S.

“I loooved how seeing other jumpers progress motivated me to keep on jumping!”

—Tatjana S.

“What an awesome challenge and for a great cause.”

—Timothy M.

“I finished. It was AWESOME! Hard work paid off”

—Wendy W.

“Was a perfect way to start 2021 and to stay motivated and get outside. Congratulations to everyone! 🙌🏻🥳✨”


“This was such a fun challenge and I'm so glad I did it.”

—Emilee E

“From getting my first set of 15 unbroken a year ago, the 10k challenge was such an accomplishment for me!”

—Melissa A.

“First time doing this challenge and really loved doing it ! 🔥🔥🔥 can't wait for next year's 20k challenge 🤙”

—Jelfy P.

“Finished!! And loved every second. Can’t wait for next year!”

—DA Sriracha

“Completed the #10kjumpchallenge for the first time. It was great!!! 💗”


Shop Iron Compass

100% of proceeds from Iron Compass merchandise go to our charitable initiatives.

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