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Kaitlyn Kassis

CrossFit Games Athlete

Currently living in?
San Diego, California 

Where would you live if you could live anywhere?
I would love to live in Sydney, Australia! 

Do you have a nickname?
2K (Kaitlyn Kassis...My initials... 2-K's... get it?) 

You can only have one type of food the rest of your life, what is it?
My Mom's Albondigas Soup. I know that's really random, but it’s the best! If you have never tried Albondigas Soup before you totally should-- it’s a Mexican soup made with albondigas ('meatballs'), potatoes, rice, carrots, celery, and whatever other veggies you like. 

Bucket list travel destination or experience?
I would love to go to France and watch a stage of the Tour de France. I have been a fan of the event since I was a little girl and would love to witness it in person. 

Scary movies, yes or no?

Top burger recommendation?
Burgers and Brew in Davis, CA (Go Ags!)

Favorite coffee spot?
Coffee Bar in Reno, NV

Favorite non-CrossFit sport?
My favorite sport to watch is American Football, particularly at the collegiate level. My little brother plays for Montana State so I am his #1 fan.

What do you wish you had time to learn or do more of?
I wish I had more time to invest into photography and photo editing. When I was in high school I actually started my own portrait photography business. I love being behind the camera just as much as I enjoy being in front of it for RPM shoots. Anything to do with art and design sets my creative heart on fire!

One thing no one knows about you?
I am a crazy cat lady (in the best way possible). My cats Khloe and Kenny are THE BEST. My goal is to eventually start fostering litters of orphaned kittens through the humane society.

What's the quality or life experience you can point to that has most contributed to your success (whatever success means to you)?
My parents instilled in my from an early age the importance of setting goals and never giving up. I was allowed to try whatever sports I wanted to as a kid, but my Mom made sure I finished whatever I started-- quitting was not allowed. My Dad also introduced my to coach John Wooden's work, and a lot of his principals have stuck with me. "Success is peace of mind, which is a direct result of knowing you did the best to become the best you are capable of becoming." -John Wooden

What’s next?
Who knows!? At this point in my CrossFit journey I am so grateful to have the opportunity to compete. So often I hear athletes complaining about how many hours they have to spend in a gym training, how diligent they have to be weighing every single macro, how they have to treat recovery as a full-time job, how the world will implode if they fall of their social media posting schedule. I GET to do this. I work

full-time and also balance being a competitive CrossFit athlete, because it is something I love to do. So long as I am still having fun, I am going to keep doing this for as long as I can!

Kaitlyn Kassis
Kaitlyn Kassis
Kaitlyn Kassis
Kaitlyn Kassis
Kaitlyn Kassis
Kaitlyn Kassis
Kaitlyn Kassis
Kaitlyn Kassis
Kaitlyn Kassis
Kaitlyn Kassis
Kaitlyn Kassis