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Tessa Marquette

CrossFit Games Athlete

Home town?
Born in Key West, Florida. Grew up in Bradenton, Florida.

Currently living in?
Bradenton, FL

Where would you live if you could live anywhere in the world?
Somewhere that is warm year-round, has gorgeous beaches, a crystal clear ocean, and a home with a garage/outside gym of course! Some may say Florida is my place but a cool island somewhere could be fun!

Do you have a nickname?
My boyfriend calls me Squirtle (like the Pokémon character) because apparently I’m small and mighty! Other than that most people just call me Tess.

You can only have one type of food the rest of your life... what is it?

Bucketlist travel destination or itinerary?
There are so many places I want to go, but I’d love to go on an African safari and play with koala bears in Australia.

Scary movies, yes or no?
A big no on that!

Top burger recommendation?
A burger with blue cheese and bacon

Go-to music type or band?
My go-to music is definitely country. Normally Morgan Wallen or Old Dominion, but I could listen to Taylor Swift all day every day if I had to.

Do you remember your first CrossFit workout? What was it?
My First CrossFit workout was “Diane” 21,15,9 of deadlifts and handstand push ups. The deadlifts were with 95 pounds and strict handstand push ups because I didn’t know how to kip. Coming from a gymnastics background I remember thinking it was the weirdest thing that people were trying to do something in a handstand where their legs weren’t perfectly straight and toes perfectly pointed!

If you could spend an hour with anyone in history who would it be?
I would love to be able to spend an hour with Shawn Johnson. She was my idol when I was growing up competing in gymnastics.

Favorite non-CrossFit sport/activity?
Swimming. There’s nothing quite as peaceful as a long swim in the pool or at the beach.

One thing no one knows about you?
I am deathly afraid of snakes. Just looking at them makes me cringe.

Tessa Marquette
Tessa Marquette
Tessa Marquette
Tessa Marquette
Tessa Marquette