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Jake Marconi

Coach/CrossFit Athlete

Home town?
My hometown is Windsor Locks, Connecticut. It's asmall 3 square mile right at the very top of CT.

Currently living in?
I am currently living in Providence, Rhode Island. 

Where would you live if you could live anywhere in the world?
This is a tough one. I would love to move around for awhile traveling to differentspots both in the states and around the world. Vanlife?? Somewhere that has always really appealed to me is the Pacific Northwest. I have some family out there that live at the base of a mountainwhere we can ski and mountain bike out the front door (literally). A house like that with a little garage gym would be thedream. 

Do you have a nickname?
I do but it isn'tvery interesting. Aroundthe gym my nickname is JMF which stands for Jake Marconi Fitness which is a blog I used to have when I first moved to Providence as a freshmen in college. I never kept up with it but maybe I will bring it back one day. 

You can only have one type of food the rest of your life... what is it?
Burgers or Pho.

Bucket list travel destination or itinerary?
Africa for sure. After that, all of Southeast Asia. Closely followed by the rest of the world.

Scary movies, yes or no?
YES. Will for sure scream and cover my eyes.

Top burger recommendation?
CHOMP. Providence, Rhode Island.

Go-to music type or band?
I listen to everything, really. My go to training music is anything RAP but at the moment it's Two Brothers Big Bootie Mixes. When I cook, Mumford and Sons or Alabama Shakes.

Do you remember your first CrossFit workout? What was it?
Yes, it was Angie.

If you could spend an hour with anyone in history who would it be?
It would be my grandfather, Ray. I knew him but was to young to really remember his stories. He was a prisoner of war in World War II and escaped!

Favorite non-CrossFit sport/activity?
If you ask my friends they would say I have too many hobbies and I'd agree so it's hard to pin one down. Outside of CrossFit I really love photography. 

One thing no one knows about you?
That's tough. I am a sucker for ROMCOMS and 80s movies.

Jake Marconi
Jake Marconi
Jake Marconi
Jake Marconi
Jake Marconi
Jake Marconi
Jake Marconi
Jake Marconi