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Session4 - Stars and Stripes Classic


Built in the USA
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  • Add a Jumping Mat at 50% off
    • Description
      A large durable surface of high-density foam, suitable for a variety of movements from burpees to double-unders, all the way to the cooldown. Our mats are third-party tested to ensure they contain no phthalates and no toxins.

    • Features
      High-density PVC foam
      Anti-slip surface
      High impact resistant
      RPM logo
      4ft x 6ft mat

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  • Description

    One of our longest-running and most popular Special Editions ever, because those American stars and stripes are always in style. 

    Session was the first speed rope ever developed specifically to help you learn and master double-unders.

    It’s also amazing for any other speed rope movement (singles, triples, speed step, etc.), but its primary purpose is to absolutely destroy double-unders, and there are hundreds of thousands of athletes all over the world using our ropes to do just that.  

  • Features
    Session4 Rope Essentials

    • Dual-Bearing Anti-Friction - Proprietary bearing placement allows for ultra-fast spin while eliminating any “slop” in the system.
    • Precision-Machined Aluminum - Light enough to make big sets feel easy. Strong enough to survive thousands of workouts. 
    • Patented Dual-Axis Rotation - Your handles stay put at the end of your cable (where they’re supposed to be) while avoiding any twisting and torque build-up in your cable.  
    • 12’ Coated Cable - standard on all Session ropes, our Coated Cable is our most popular, versatile cable and is perfect for beginners and pros alike. 
    • Diamond Knurling - Barbell-style grip helps you hang on during even your sweatiest workouts. 
    • Microfiber Bag - Comes with a microfiber bag for easy storage and transport.
    • 5-Year Warranty - Anything goes wrong with your handles, we got you.
  • Cable Disclaimer
    • The life span of your cable will range from a couple months to a couple years, depending on how often you use it, what surfaces you jump on, and your skill level.
    • Concrete and bare cables don’t mix. So if you’re after that bare cable speed, Be sure and always jump on a mat or rubber gym flooring to help your cable live its best life.
    • Coated cables are more durable and can handle a little adventure every now and then, so if you’re new to jump rope, just learning double-unders, or wanna throw down whenever/wherever, this is gonna be your best bet.
    • Our ropes are fast. Real fast… which also means the cable may sting (a bit) when it hits bare skin, so we recommend wearing shoes when you jump… trust us, we learned this the hard way.
Grey pattern

The iconic rope that started it all.

SESSION4 is the newest iteration of the iconic rope that started it all. Train with it, compete with it, travel with it... this is your do everything, go anywhere rope.



Every one of our high-performance ropes is meticulously assembled and quality checked at our headquarters in Northern California. Our patented design and highly specialized assembly process combine to produce the unparalleled balance of free spin and power transfer that our ropes are known for.



Session4 - Fresh Picked

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Gym Set Session4

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